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 This is the end time church. God revealed its name by revelation. Isreal of God. We are the  Israel of God Ministries. See Gal 6:16 

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The Shulamite Bride Returned

Paula Mary Millar

                 Return, Return, Oh Shulamite, Return 

               that we may look upon thee.  SoS's 6:13

    Did you know there is a Fountain of Gardens inside of you?   Have you received the secret manna spoken of in Revelations?  You will find the Fountains Garden inside of you spoken of in the Song of Songs. Do you have your secret name yet? Both of these items listed in Revelations and are items you will need to receive your wedding garment or the beginning of your angel garment. Jesus had nothing in him that Satan could hold onto and so must we be spotless and without blemish. We are not now. Our righteousness is as a filthy rag. Christ has a wedding garment for us to wear to the wedding feast. See Exodus 30 where God  gave Moses two oils to make. The first was call "Holy" and the  2nd was "Holy and Pure." This is where it all starts. This is the end time church for Jesus Christ.  Yes, the church that is to Unify all the denomination into one.

Greeting beloved,

In the  battle that will come it will be a battle against the spirit of harshness and lawlessness  from Satan's  world and the beauty, comeliness, and loveliness of the Bridegroom's countenance.  

First, let's talk about King David. Did you know that he also is supposed to return?

Jeremiah 23 vs 5 "Behold the days come saith the Lord that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch and a King shall reign and prosper and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. " In the earth! So David is coming to the earth.

Beloved this is the beginning of that righteous Branch unto  David being raised up for a time such as this.  Jeremiah, 23, 24, 25. This is the beginning of that Branch being brought forth and it has started with the return of the Shulamite Bride in the Song of Songs. (Now to be abbreviated going forward as  SoS's) "Return, return, Oh Shulamite, return that we may look  upon thee." The Shulamite Bride was a virgin woman sought far and wide to lay with King David to help keep him warm only in his old age. (This purity relationship is a shadow and type of God's purity to come to exist between his Bride and the Bridegroom.)  The Shulamite, or Abishag, was her worldly name was and she was part of the House of David. The spirit of the Shulamite Bride has returned to help the body of Christ prepare as the bride. We are to come into alignment with God's beauty and purity here in America.  Click here for Paula Mary's testimony. So this  ministry will be raising up this end time church. This will be the church that will bring all denomination together. This must happen for us to survive all that will be coming against the body of Christ.

 Ezekiel 34 vs 22-25 "Therefore I will save my flock, and they shall no more be a prey, I will judge between cattle and cattle. 23 And I will set up one Shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my servant David:  and he shall  feed them, and he shall be their shepherd. " 

Or  Ezekiel, 37 vs 24-35 "And David my servant shall be King over them: and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in my judgements, and observe my statutes, and do them . 25 And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant (on the earth), wherein your fathers have dwelt: and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their Children’s, children forever:  And my servant David shall be their prince forever." 

David is scheduled to come back. Many do not realize  this truth, but he has to fulfill all the work that God has for him. His return is to mainly help the Jewish people become as the bride. 

I am the Shulamite Bride that was asked in the SoS's to return. I'm Paula Mary Millar.  I'm part of the righteous branch that God promised to bring back onto David. I'm her  spirit, returned. I am here to help the body of Christ in America to raise up the prophesied light of the gentiles that will shine as a mansion upon a hill. I was meant to create a turn around here in America back to purity. We must turn from our sinful ways. The time is drawing near for the Bride of Christ, the church, to be raised up here in America. First, it will be His  gentiles that will be raised up  and then His Jewish children  who will be provoked to jealousy and follow King David  to Christ to become his bride also. 

  We individual Christians must learn to access this 2nd oil or the extra oil already within ourselves and then we will be able to corporately be caught up without spot or blemish.  God spoke of a finely  beaten perfume in this 2nd oil receipt but none has ever been found until now. (Exo 30) There is a shell called Onycha in the 2nd oil receipt. In ancient times, it was harvested from a large lake. The fish would eat of the spikenard reed growing by the shore and deposit on the shells below. Apothecaries of the time realized the shell made it possible for the aroma of the Spikenard perfume to last longer. Just like the 5 virgins in the parable of the 10 virgins. They had the extra oil that would last long enough for them to be able to wait for the coming of the bridegroom. The door was opened to the feast to these 5 virgins and they were let in. 

 This is the oil for  your wedding garment.   The spikenard perfume in Hebrew means, "Light".  This extra oil is already within you if you are a born again Christian. Christ is our bridegroom and he died for you to be able to have this 2nd oil, or your wedding garment and a relationship with Him as your love, dove, holy spouse, friend and brother. (See SoS's)


So on the morning of the resurrection, Christ told Mary Magdelene, "Do not touch me, Mary, I have not yet ascended." Christ was beginning the transformation of his human body to his angelic body. Christ was in a transformational state. He would be seen in his angelic garment by many until he finally ascended on the Mtn. of  Olives. He was dressed as a Gardner on that resurrection morning and was in that Garden taking on his own wedding garment or his angelic body when Mary came upon him. She did not recognize Him in his Gardner garment covering where within the wedding garment was manifesting. He was  sinless and pure of in his countenance already.   He just needed to get a change into his angelic body to Ascend where he goes up in the twinkling of an eye which is how the catching away is described similarly for the Saints. We are to be caught up in a twinkling of an eye. Christ had started to wash off  his earthly body of clay. He accommodated Mary by slipping back into his human form.  She knew the Bridegroom already and was one of the women to anoint his feet with Spikenard  before his sacrifice on the cross where he died to be the Bridegroom for us all. The other Mary that anointed his head was his mother. See the verse that tells us this in the SoS's. " .... and his mother crowned him on the day of his espousals and on the day of gladness in his heart."

He would soon be seated in heavenly places with his Father  and he was given all power and authority. God had been the creator of beauty but now his Son would take the responsibility of being the earth and the fullness thereof. He has been romancing us with the beauty of the earth ever since. The bible tells us we will be held accountable for all the beauty that we see.  

Christ was preparing to ascend on the Mount of Olives later, but he had to go through a heavenly transformational process to become a citizen of heaven again. He  was showing us the way. So, why was the garden the place to wash off in that morning? It was meant for us to find our own garden to wash off in.

He was pointing us to the way to the Garden in the Song of Songs. This is the bridegroom chamber for the bridegroom. SoSs 1:4-5 " The king hath brought me into his chambers; we will be glad and rejoice in thee." This is why He was anointed right before his death three times with Spikenard by four women. He was going to die  for  you to come into His sacred garden to give you access to receive the last image of Christ you will ever need. He was here to fulfill all the law and the prophets. He was fulfilling the work of Solomon who in his early days as King when he downloaded the Song of Songs. The Song of Songs has a veil over it, just as did the Inner Court of the Tabernacle that was also called the Holy of Holies. This is where the priest would burn sweet incense only before the four horns that were below the mercy seat. What were the four horns about? Read on, it's coming. This work was the shadow and type for the Holy of Holies to come, the SoS's.

This is the 2nd oil God had Moses make in Exodus 30 as stated above.  In Jesus death, he was making available to us this holy and pure anointing also. It was a complete package for our resurrection included within the first oil  like a hidden seed. With this power, we would have all we needed  for the times and events to come. The mystery of the Bride is being revealed here beloved. As Apostle Paul said he wanted to present his disciples  as chaste virgins or as a prepared bride.  This would mean we have learned how to access the extra oil within us. Then we would be known as a prepared bride because then we would  have the resurrection power, the wedding garment, needed in the day of being caught up to meet in heaven. We would be able to a receive our wedding garments partially to be complete upon being caught up.  We will see below that; King  David, A man who was of an angelic countenance in  Judges,   Apostle Stephen  and the Apostle Paul all had this extra oil and were partially seen as an angel. We must be prepared as His bride individually and corporately to be caught up with Him in the air.  Christ was anointed with Spikenard himself days before his sacrifice. He provided for us in his death a way to complete our journey to be likened to him completely without spot or blemish. 

Why was Christ anointed with Spikenard by four women. It was a custom in ancient days to anoint the feet and head of the bridegroom on the wedding night as a sign of love and devotion or that nasty word, submission. I am here to relieve you ladies. The word submit means in Hebrew to "Remain Open." To stay open with no judgment toward your spouse. Any other interpretation that would lead to some kind of bondage would be from the darkness. Be careful to  remain open  as much as you can. We are to treat our husbands as Christ. Soon those for those who choose to be a daughter of Zion, marriage is going to change. There is only one marriage in heaven and that is to the bridegroom. 

John 3:29 "He that cometh from above is  above all:  (This is Jesus) he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth:  ( This is the bridegroom See Song of Songs that is all about the earth) He that cometh from heaven is above all." (Once again Jesus was making sure that you knew He was above all but inform us that the presence of the bridegroom is in the earth. 

The bridegroom side of Christ is the most intimate and pure part of  Jesus.  He is a Purity like the earth kind of purity. 

So the fish event in the lake where the fish eat the Spikenard and deposit onto porous shells that  hold the perfume aroma longer is a bridegroom event. Just like God who made the wind blow through the Mulberry Tree to give the strength of the Unicorn to David to defeat the Palestinians. David was caught out without his harp that day I believe. Most times they would just let the Harpers lead the troops in the attack and God would release the Strength of the Unicorn to win the battle.  This heavenly worship released the anointing of the husband on those souls expressed on their holy instruments, the harps. God would hear their anointed harp, and sacred melody and release his bridegroom beauty on them externally. This made David's men almost ( because they were anointed externally; we will be more so by having this oil internally) indestructible when vastly outnumbered in battle.  Yes, Unicorn is in the bible. There are 12 verses in bible using the word Unicorn. The new age movement has worked hard for you to believe that this beautiful animal is part of the new age movement, but it is not so beloved. The devil copies everything God does.

Number: 23:22 "God brought them out of Egypt: he hath as it were the Strength of the Unicorn."

Numbers: 24: 8 "God brought him forth out of Egypt: he hath as it were the Strength of the Unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with arrows. "

It is s time to bring this out of the darkness. The unicorn  is one of God's  secrets of the earth. There are  skeletal remains found in England that are clearly the remains of a Unicorn. It was encased in glass to preserve it to be a curiosity for tourist and is located in the middle of the town square. It is a mystery of God's beauty to help lead us to  the purity and mystery of the Bride more.  Note:  There is a horn spoken of in God's right hand  and his holy arm. This us a unicorn horn.  There is also four horns beneath the Mercy seat and theologist  never have had an explanation as to what kinds of horns these were. They were unicorn horns beloved.

Ps 92;10 "But my horn shall be anointed like the horn of the Unicorn.  ( This horn was anointed with the Unicorn or the 2nd oil or the extra oil) I shall be anointed with fresh oil "

 Many think the power of David's to battle  came from the Ark of the covenant. No, the Ark was about but God's testimony only.  So it is important to notice everything being used of the  earth in the bible is a symbol or signal of the Bridegroom who  presents to us  the beauty of the earth. For example,  The wooden harps, The alabaster jars later, The three days in the belly of the whale, Moses is floated down the river in a reed woven basket. Christ prays in gardens, Christ was crucified on a wooden cross. These symbols in the background are bridegroom moments when the raw pure earth is involved. 

 God has given us a small harp, the Shoshannim, that is listed in Psalms, 45,80,80,90. 

Isaiha 22:22

And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder, ( On the shoulder is indicating they are referring to a harp being use) so shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. 

Revelation 3:7

And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia, write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the Key of David, he that openth and no man shutteht; and shutteth  and a no man openeth;

The Key being referred to is a musical key. The Key of David is  the harp that has a particular turning. This will be our protection when the fires come. God will hear that key and past by that dwelling. Just as the Holy Ghost did for the Israelites long ago.

"Come into the chamber for a little while as the indignation passes over." This chamber is the Song of Songs and where we will be protected.

Hebrews 5-6 will finally make real sense to you: 

This is the strong meat spoken of in Hebrews  6 that says you have to go deep into behind the veil to find the strong meat. What veil, where? It means the veil that is over the inner court in the OT where they burnt  only sweet  perfumed incense. That is the shadow. The type is the Song of Songs that has a veil over it and you can not discern this until you know the sacred melody to sing the SoS's with.

This poetry/song was a divinely inspired. It was made for us to access this 2nd oil within this Spiritual Garden inside of us and can only be received by singing the SoS's. There you will find the Bridegroom and be washed off  by  singing these verses. Then you will be  shown the path of purity and your way to the Bridegroom.This is your access to Him and the start of a relationship of a pure and holy marital relationship with him. So if the feast is in heaven when does the marriage take place? It will be done here on earth. It is our place to become pure and spotless without blemish through Singing  this sacred song.

SoS's 4:9 " Thou are all fair, my love: there is no spot in thee." There is no other place in the bible beyond the verses themselves about the church being spotless and without blemish that mentions someone being without spot or blemish.

 So  Solomon was God's instrument to download this most Holy of all poetry.   Solomon was to download this precious poetry to deliver this garden on paper to us and learn that this book of poetry is also the living word of God and not just nice poetry for newlyweds as some do believe. No,  Christ would have to die for this joy to manifest. 


 For the body of Christ, it will take us longer than Christ did in his resurrection Garden and a few days later to take on the wedding garment before he ascended on the Mt of Olives. This is the last preparation for us to be caught up to heaven. We must receive this extra oil and become spotless.


  In the parable of the 10 Virgins,  there were the five who didn't have the extra oil and the five who did.  This means that Five who didn't have this oil were disobedient to believe this revelation.  These will be the tribulations saints. They were not ready when Christ came. They had to go back and purchase  this extra oil. So our merciful God is giving them a 2nd chance to obtain their wedding garments.  For them, it will be  more difficult because of all that is coming on the earth at that time but they can still  be prepared bride with 1/2 of their angelic garments. God is going to give them a chance to learn to grow into this revelation more during the 1000 reign. There is a woman  who tells her husband of a prophet that was 1/2 man and 1/2 angel that she saw that day. There are many more examples of this below that will prove that the believers  in the OT had the extra oil as well as the ones revealed in the NT.  See Psalms 45. "Grace was poured forth in their lips and they were fairer than the children of men." What is fairer than the children of men beloved, angels. 

  When we have received this blessing here in America then the attention will be turned to Israel and Jerusalem. The Jewish people will be provoked to jealousy that we have the presence of the  Bridegroom. They will see the bridegroom presence in us. They will clearly see that God is with us because of our partial or full angelic bodies later.( Those who come back from the feast will be in their full wedding garment or their angelic bodies. 

 First, here in America the Shulamite Bride has returned to start the individual Bridegroom relationship by gathering the daughters of Zion and the Valiant/ Companions. ( They are referred to as " Companions" and the "Valient" of Israel as spoken of in the SoS's.) We will be made ready to be caught up  and complete the fulfillment of the Church being spotless and without blemish individually and corporately. We  will be  spotless or without blemish.Ephesians 5:27," That He might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish. "

The Shulamite is not unique in her return.  There are other examples in the bible about others who God brought back. John the Baptist was Elias for to come and this was spoken by Jesus himself in Matthew 11:13-14 " For the prophets and the law prophesied until John 14. And if you can receive it, this is Elias which was for to come." Meaning he had been here before  coming as  John the Baptist. These two men were  the same spirit. Prophet Elijah will return also: "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord." Malachi 4 vs 5.  Then there are the two prophets in revelations that are brought back to die again.So this is just making it clear that  these events are not examples of reincarnation. Just a God who can do whatever he wants.

So the Shulamite Bride has returned to be the servant to invite you to the wedding feast as spoken of in the Parable of the Wedding Feast.  I am the wedding invitation servant who is being sent out in the parable.  This most precious revelation of the bridegroom has not been received to the body here in Americ as  yet. Christ knew that this would happen. God knew he was going to do what  he prophesied in the Parable of the Wedding feast.  He sent out  his servant to invite the poor and even some bad people the parable tells us. God has blessed me the Shulamite Bride with, 49 churches to shepherd in the last four months in Africa to be converted to  be not only the Rock and Foundation plan he gave to Peter but they are also the ones who will birth God's end-time plan for us to be ready to be caught up. They will be the first to be converted to the last image of Christ  image. Even the children there are seeing the bridegroom as they sing the Sos's.  He did it to show the great fruit that he has planned for this ministry and to  help you not be confused  that this revelation is not a  false doctrine.  Recently God said to me. " You will receive a blessing tomorrow for the ministry." The next day he directed me to a man who could help. He was a  Rotarian from Rotary International who does fresh water wells and food for the poor. Since we were faithful to go through the motions with Rotary International he decided to move in a much more God-like manner.   49 churches will have fresh water wells in  Uganda and in Mzuz, Malawai Africa. We need your donations though now. There is great need there in Africa. All of these churches have many ophans.


 We must discover this revelation of the wedding garment now and receive our beauty from God to be prepared as were many in the bible. There was the woman in judges   who tells her husband of a prophet that was 1/2 man and 1/2 angel that she saw that day. Or think on Stephen's face that was seen as an angel as he was being condemned  (See also Acts 6: 15, Acts 7:53). Or the fact that King David was seen as an angel three  times in the old testament.  2 Samuel 19 vs 27. "And Achish answered and said to David, I know that though art good in my sight  as an angel of God: " Or 1 Sam 29:9  And he hath slandered thy servant unto my lord the king: but my lord the King is as an angel of God: do therefore what is good in thine eyes.


  Apostle John was the most beloved of Christ.  He  was  been privileged to hear the bridegroom's voice which is the most intimate personal side of Jesus. For this, John was given the mother of Christ, Mary,  to take care of at the cross as Christ was dying. John  lived to an old age and wrote the book of Rev. in the Isle of Patmos. All the other Apostles were martyred. He was honored above all of them because he had heard the voice of the bridegroom. This is the holy path you can follow to the bridegroom to be married to the bridegroom.

Mary, the mother of Christ, was to receive one of the only two memorials given in the NT. Cornelius was the first. He received this for bringing the revelation to Peter that God is no respecter of persons and they started to anoint the Gentiles that day. So Cornelius was honored because he helped to further the "reach" of the holy ghost unto the gentiles.  It was Mary we know now who anointed Christ on the head with spikenard. ".... his Mother crowned him on the day of his espousals and on the day of gladness in his heart." (SoS's 3:11) This  act  between Solomon and his mother, Bathsheba, was the shadow and type  for the  anointing to come between Mary and her son.  She was to anoint her son on the day of His espousals with spikenard. 

Also, Christ said, 

"Wheresoever in the world this gospel is preached at the end of times; this act that she hath done will be a memorial to her." 

We are nowhere near honoring this Word about Mary yet beloved. So Mary was given a memorial because she anointed the bridegroom with Spikenard before going to the Cross. She was the main participant in furthering the work of the holy ghost first oil and the precious 2nd oil.  Mary, like Cornelius, was also providing an act to make the 2nd oil  available to all who have the holy ghost by anointing her son on the head with Spikenard to make our Bridegroom available to us in His bridegroom chamber in the Song of Songs. This is for the purpose of being married to the Bridegroom and receiving our wedding garment.

There is more and there is a class you can sign up for but what will  mostly convince many is when the Shulamite Bride shows up to be the model that will reveal the wedding garment of His purity for all to look upon her.

        "Return, Return, Oh Shulamite, Return that we may look upon thee."

             Song of Songs Chapter 6 vs 11.

 Beloved, this is your invitation to the      

              wedding feast. 

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Email us at:   for any question about the class or the harp. Also, receive all updates and miracles as God moves forward in this amazing revelation. These will be miracles from the 2nd oil. Images will be made more youthful  and beautiful as you take on more of his flesh into  your flesh. 

Next:  Sign up for the Bridegroom purification class to start which  and encourage a donation for $200.00 for the harp and the class. Shipping to overseas location may have an additional shipping  charge.   If you even get just a glimpse of how holy and important this is to God  you will want to tithe your best here. You will be seeking the bridegroom for your wedding garment. Come into a relationship with the bridegroom.   Come and learn what is behind the veil of the SoS's  and receive the  strong meat of the word as spoken of in Hebrew 6  that tells us to find it you must go behind the veil. 

You will: Learn of the sacred melody of the Song of Song and strum upon the Holy harp which is the "The Key of David " that will not allow anyone to hurt you will you are singing to the Bridegroom and save in his chamber. This is the chamber you will be in as the indignation passes over and we will be saved from the atomic fires that are coming to the USA.

  Learn of the hidden manna in the Fountains of Garden and feast there because you can't fast in the presence of the bridegroom.

 Learn your secret name. The bridegroom  will take you on a journey somewhere in your past where He gave you your secret name that you don't remember any more. Somewhere in the woods most likely.  He will bring you your secret name that you need to be of a partial angel status. Remember the verse in the OT where the angel says to a man, " Why do you  ask my name when you know that it is secret."  

This is how you can tell you are not done if you have not yet received your secret name or any of the above. If you don't have these things then you are not done. 

 Click here to enroll in a Bridegroom Purity/ Worship course.  You must purchase the Shoshannim harp, the Key of David. Don't worry beloved the anointing for this ministry will lead you as it did David's men on how to play.  Strumming only is also acceptable. 

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Blessings and Love,

Paula Mary, The Shulamite Bride Returned. 

 This is the Lilly harp or better known as

the Shoshannim. See Ps 45, 60, 80 and 90  where the instruction requested this harp to be played with these Psalms.  It  was played by  David  for what rabbinical writings call the golden poetry or only the most beautiful Psalms.  Ten strings and tuned to an open  Areolian scale in D Major/B minor used in Jewish  Canonizing rituals  and.... .Weddings.  The open tuning fit perfectly melodically for the sacred Jewish melody that God has taught to Paula Mary to be used while Singing  the Song of Songs. This Harp is  meant to make your worship to the bridegroom simple and beautiful as you sing  the poetry from the  Bridegroom Chamber of the King and with a comely voice be made  pure and spotless.  Shipping included in the price.   The cost is $200.00 which is a contribution toward the ministry and our cost to build them. Click here to order. 

 The Bridegroom Purity/ Worship Class:

  This is a 6 week, one hour a week, course. Paula Mary's poetry  and songs of the harp are shared to enhance your understanding.    All praise honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.